Fox News Host Asks For 'One Example Of A Lie' From White House About Coronavirus

Josie Harvey

Fox News host Dana Perino got more than she bargained for on Wednesday when she challenged Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders to provide “one example of a lie from the White House on the coronavirus pandemic.” 

Perino had played comments from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s virtual commencement address for Columbia Law School on Wednesday, during which Biden said, “You can build a truly representative democracy with more facts than lies.”

“So, I’m assuming that former Vice President Biden is saying that President Trump is the one that he’s talking about there, and lies about the coronavirus,” Perino said. “What specifically would he be talking about?”


Sanders responded that there has been a lot of misinformation about the virus, and “some of it, in fact, has come from the White House.” She pointed out the Trump administration’s failure to “act quickly and with urgency” in January and February. Biden would continue to call these failures out, Sanders added.

“But you, you don’t have [a lie] off the top of your head? I can’t think of one,” Perino insisted. “I would just like even one example of a lie from the White House about the coronavirus pandemic,” she added after Sanders noted there were “so many” to choose from.

Sanders quickly listed two...

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