Fox News guest mocked for claiming exorbitant price for Thanksgiving turkey

A Fox News contributor was ridiculed online after claiming that the price of a turkey in the run-up to Thanksgiving had gone up to an extortionate $90.

Former United States Representative Jason Chaffetz was mocked on X after his bold claim about the price of holiday birds which, he said, was due to president Joe Biden’s economic policies.

The remarks came during a special cost-of-living segment of Hannity, hosted by Kaleigh McEnany, in which price increases on everyday items were discussed.

“This is Bidenomics in action,” Ms McEnany said, before turning to Mr Chaffetz for his reaction.

Attacking the Biden administration’s policies and the resulting price hikes, Mr Chaffetz said: “We went to go buy a turkey today, it was $90 for a turkey.

“The price of stamps is up 32 per cent in the last four years, but it’s all a choice by Joe Biden. That’s what Bidenomics is.”

Fellow commentator Brian Brenberg added: “I hope Jason’s turkey was made of steak, because that’s a lot of money for a turkey.”

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), the average price for a 16-pound turkey is $27.35 – at $1.71 per pound – down 5.6 per cent from last year.

The AFBF added that the total cost of an average Thanksgiving dinner in 2023 was less than the record highs seen in 2022 – at $65.05 – but, at an average of $61.17, was still reflective of “historically high costs”.

Following Mr Chaffet’z claim, social media users were also quick to express their shock and disbelief, though many were not as sympathetic as his colleagues on Fox News.

“What kind of turkey were you buying? The country?” wrote one user, with another replying with a picture of a world map and writing “call me crazy, but that’s a bargain”.

Another wrote: “I just paid $14 for a 16lb turkey. Was his made of gold or something?”

Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko said Mr Chaffetz’s claim gave him the “same vibes” as when New York Times columnist David Brooks said that an airport meal with a glass of liquor had cost him $78.

“This is why Americans think the economy is terrible,” Mr Brooks wrote back in September.

Mr Brooks later addressed the post on X, saying that he had “screwed up” and had not meant to cause offence to those “living paycheck to paycheck”.

Mr Brooks’ gaffe was referenced by other users responding to Mr Chaffetz’s claims, with one writing “this is what happens when you let a man… named David Brooks be your InstaCart shopper”.

Mr Chaffetz later took to X himself, posting a picture of a nearly 23-pound “premium young turkey” bought from Meiers for $114.02. “Happy Thanksgiving,” he wrote.