'Fox & Friends' Asks Dumb Questions About Trump Urging Drug Test For Biden

Fox & Friends” asked loaded questions Monday about Donald Trump’s renewed call for President Joe Biden to be drug-tested before their June 27 debate. (Watch the video below.)

The hosts glommed on to Trump’s remarks on Sunday in Las Vegas, where the former president said, ”[Biden] should take a drug test, because I’m willing to take one.”

The Republican candidate was piling on to challenges he made after Biden gave a fiery State of the Union address in March. Trump baselessly declared the president was “jacked up” and “higher than a kite,” even hinting Biden used the cocaine found in the White House last summer. Trump demanded a drug test before the debates were agreed upon.

The hosts on Fox News’ morning show appeared to indulge Trump’s proposal.

“Why can’t we find out if the president’s been enhancing his performance?” Brian Kilmeade asked.

“It might be just a Mountain Dew,” Ainsley Earhardt offered (jokingly, we think?).

“Why is there so much pep in his step?” Steve Doocy chimed in.

Lawrence Jones had the most questions during his take in the clip shared by Mediaite.

“How is it one day the president is totally down, shuffling offstage, can’t walk the full route overseas, and then is suddenly able to just be jacked up for a State of the Union?” he asked. “Two days later, he’s back to the same old, same old. So I don’t know if his drug tests are just explaining how is the president alert some time, and sometimes not so much?”

That’s a lot of silly questions based on a single speech in winter.

But at least Doocy gets props for self-awareness when he sarcastically conjectured that Biden’s “cheery” days are when he watches “Fox & Friends” in the morning.