Fox in a fix rescued from fence in Essex

Fox after being rescued
The feisty fox was rescued and released after he run-in with some fencing panels

A fox found itself in a bit of a fix when its head became wedged in a gap in a fence.

She was found on Monday "well and truly" stuck in the fence near Laindon, in Essex, with her feet barely able to touch the ground, her rescuers said.

Staff from nearby South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Grays managed to "wiggle her free", but said "time was quickly running out" for the vixen.

She was "amazingly" unhurt and released back into the wild.

Posting photographs on Facebook, hospital staff said they believed the fox had "misjudged the leap between two fence panels... had slid further and further down the 'V' before becoming well and truly wedged in place".

"With her legs barely able to touch the ground, time was quickly running out", they said.

Fox stuck in a fence
The fox's head was wedged between adjacent fence panels

Ambulance staff from the hospital freed her by "supporting her back end and gently wiggling her neck".

"Whilst we were all initially worried for constriction injuries and friction damage, she had, amazingly, managed to escape without any damage and was able to be released back home shortly after," they added.

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