Fox Drama Series ‘Murder in a Small Town’ Adds Six to Cast, Including James Cromwell and Stana Katic

Fox is rounding out the cast of its international drama series “Murder in a Small Town.”

James Cromwell (“Babe,” “Succession”), Stana Katic (“Castle,” “Absentia”), Mya Lowe (“My Life with the Walter Boys,” “Yellowjackets”), Savonna Spracklin (“Two-Spirit Odyssey,” “Wildhood”), Aaron Douglas (“Battlestar Galactica,” “The Watchful Eye”), and Fritzy-Klevans Destine (“The Boys,” “Superman & Lois”) have all joined the series. Cromwell and Katic will appear in guest star roles, while the other four will be recurring guest stars.

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Full character descriptions can be found below.

The new cast members joins previously announced series leads Rossif Sutherland and Kristin Kreuk in the show, which is based on the nine-book Karl Alberg novel series by L.R. Wright. The show, to which Fox has acquired the U.S. rights, is slated to premiere during the 2024-2025 broadcast season and will be shot in British Columbia. It marks Fox’s first scripted series co-produced with an international studio.

Per the official description, the show follows Karl Alberg (Sutherland), “who moves to a quiet Pacific Northwest coastal town to soothe a psyche that has been battered by big-city police work. But this gentle paradise has more than its share of secrets, and Karl will need to call upon all the skills that made him a world-class detective in solving the murders that, even in this seemingly idyllic setting, continue to wash up on his shore.”

Kreuk stars as Cassandra, described as “a local librarian who becomes Alberg’s muse, foil and romantic interest.”

“Murder in a Small Town” hails from head writer and executive producer Ian Weir. Milan Cheylov will executive produce and direct multiple episodes. Nick Orchard of Soapbox Productions, Morris Ruskin and Sharon Wisnia of Mojo Global Arts, and Jon Cotton also executive produce. The series is produced by Sepia Films in association with Fox Entertainment, Jeff Wachtel’s Future Shack Entertainment, and ITV Studios, which will distribute the series outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Character Descriptions

JAMES CROMWELL as GEORGE WILCOX (special guest star) — George has led a life above any obvious reproach. He is a retired History teacher, devoted to his beloved garden. The recent loss of Myra, his wife of nearly 50 years, dealt a heavy blow, but George is a determined man and he’s determined to carry on. He and Cassandra Mitchell (Kristin Kreuk), are friends from his many visits to the Gibson’s library. And then there’s his old “acquaintance” – 80-year-old Carlyle Burke. Beneath that connection is a secret grief that extends many decades into the past. It’s about to erupt in a moment of outrage and stunning violence.

STANA KATIC as ZOE STRACHAN (special guest star) — Fit, 40, beautiful, remote. Zoe has a gorgeous home outside town and generally keeps to herself. Her cool exterior hides a personality that can explode in sudden fits of temper.

MYA LOWE as CORPORAL EDWINA YEN — Another recent arrival to the Coast. A criminology grad about to turn 30. She is an urbanite, whip smart, who speaks three languages. A cop on the fast-track, she sees this posting as a necessary rung on the career ladder.

SAVONNA SPRACKLIN as ISABELLA HARBUD — Isabella is the civilian receptionist with a dry sense of humor. A fiercely proud Indigenous American, Isabella’s greatest challenge is to justify – to herself, above all – just how she can square her deeply-held convictions with service to the police force.

AARON DOUGLAS as SERGEANT SID SOKOLOWSKI — Foremost amongst the detachment’s traditionalists is Alberg’s (Rossif Sutherland) second-in-command. A decent man, devoted father of five. Alberg rekindles the dormant fire of a man who has lost his spark. Not necessarily the brightest guy in the world, but he’ll jump into a burning building to save your life.

FRITZY-KLEVANS DESTINE as CONSTABLE ANDY KENDRICK — A capable cop, when he’s not being a jackass, and very charming. His intentions are generally good, but he keeps doing the wrong thing. He’s irritating to the rest of the team, but Alberg sees his potential

(Pictured, left to right: James Cromwell, Stana Katic, Fritzy-Klevans Destine)

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