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Found: Gabi Lays Down the Rules in Exclusive Sneak Peek — Plus, Is Sir Planning His Escape?

Found: Gabi Lays Down the Rules in Exclusive Sneak Peek — Plus, Is Sir Planning His Escape?

Remember when Sir held Gabi captive for a year on NBC’s Found and flashbacks revealed that he took away her dinner whenever she rebelled? Well, the tables have turned, and Gabi is the one now withholding food.

In a sneak peek of this Tuesday’s episode (10/9c), Sir notes that he hadn’t received breakfast and wonders what he did recently to upset Gabi.

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“You want more food; you want your books back? You have to earn it,” she reminds him in the above video. “Same rules you had for me.”

When Gabi leaves, Sir resumes his chin lifts on an overhead beam. But then he accidentally rips a wooden shard off and stares at it in his hand. Could the kidnapper-turned-kidnappee be planning his escape?

Showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll previously told TVLine that while Sir is technically the one in captivity, his back-and-forth with Gabi “has you questioning which one of them is really in charge… It’s clear who’s the kidnapper and the kidnappee, but who really has the power? It’s not always the kidnapper, and I think we see that, both in the past storyline and present one.”

Tuesday’s episode, titled “Missing While Undocumented,” will see the team mobilize to trace the “last steps of 21-year-old Satcha Moncado before she disappeared, knowing her undocumented status makes her more vulnerable,” per the official synopsis. “Their search uncovers a greater threat that nearly claims the life of one of our own.”

What do you hope to see in this week’s Found? Do you think Sir is planning his escape?

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