Foster evidence continues in Chardon case

Shae McDonald

Peter Foster is expected to continue to give evidence in the committal hearing for accused wife killer John Chardon.

It follows a day of explosive allegations made by the notorious conman about the Gold Coast businessman.

In the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Foster claimed Chardon confessed to shooting and killing his wife Novy while the pair were sharing a prison cell in 2015.

He claimed the alleged murderer also talked about how he had disposed of the 34-year-old's body.

"By this stage he's told me how he's killed her, he's told me how he shot her, told me about the gun and all that," he said.

Foster said at one point he asked Chardon why he did it.

"I think he says, 'I've worked 25 years or more to build the business up, why am I going to give half to that whore?'," he said.

Novy was last seen at the pair's northern Gold Coast home on February 6, 2013.

Her car was found at Nerang train station a few days later, but despite extensive searches and a $250,000 reward, her body has never been found.

Police charged Chardon with her murder in 2016, more than three years after her disappearance and the year after Foster claims he made the jailhouse confession.

The hearing, which is set to go for several days, is expected to continue on Thursday.