Fossil use fuels poor climate ranking

Australia has performed poorly in the Climate Change Performance Index despite a change of government this year.


* The top three spots on the global index remain vacant this year

* No country has been deemed to be doing enough to prevent dangerous climate change

* This means the top 10 is actually a list of nations ranked 4th to 13th

* From the top they are Denmark, Sweden, Chile, Morocco, India, Estonia, Norway, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and Netherlands

* Denmark and Sweden also topped last year's index.


* The bottom 10 performers were Poland, Australia, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, Canada, Russia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, in 63rd position

* Last year's bottom 10 were the United States, Russia, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Korea, Canada, Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.


* China, the world's biggest emitter, finished in 51st spot this year

* The United States, the second biggest emitter, was 52nd

* The European Union finished in 19th spot.


* Every year the index ranks the climate protection efforts of 59 countries, plus the EU

* Together they account for 92 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions

* The trusted index, dating back to 2005, gives countries an overall ranking based on climate change performance

* The overall ranking is informed by how countries do in four individual categories

* They are greenhouse gas emissions (40 per cent of overall score) and renewable energy, energy use and climate policy (20 per cent each)

* The index is published by Germanwatch, the NewClimate Institute and the Climate Action Network, with input from 450 climate and energy experts worldwide.