Former vegan influencer slammed for new 'extreme' diet

A former vegan influencer has shared her experience with an extreme new diet, as she tried to distance herself from diet culture.

Over the four years Alyse Parker has been on Youtube she has amassed over 700,000 subscribers and made several videos about her vegan lifestyle, promoting mainly a plant-based diet.

Ms Parker announced she was no longer vegan on March 18, this year in a 35 minute Youtube video and this week she shocked viewers by doing a 30 day ‘Carnivore Challenge’.

At the start of the video Ms Parker explains that she loves ‘challenging herself’ and her ‘current intention’ is to ‘understand, rather than judge’.

Alyse Parker tried the carnivore diet for 30 days, much to many people's disgust. Source: Youtube.

“What better way to really understand other than diving straight into an experience that challenges me to get the heck out of my comfort zone and to release any preexisting beliefs,” she said.

“I know what it’s like to lose myself in the identity of a diet culture and lose true open-mindedness.”

Hence why Ms Parker decided to try the carnivore diet.

The carnivore diet is a restrictive diet which consists only of meat and animal products and nothing else, according to Healthline, which also states there have been testimonials claiming several health benefits by following the diet, but no research supports the ‘benefits’.

Naturally, the video was slammed, even by people who weren’t vegan or vegetarian, just disgusted.

“Am I the only one that is NOT Vegan or Vegetarian, but this video is making me feel sick? I mean one extreme to the next. I am only at 1:01 and literally can't tolerate anymore red meat in my face,” one person said.

“‘I know what it's like to lose myself in a diet culture’,” one person mocked Ms Parker in the comments.

“Does it again, this time with a clickbait title.”

The most common concern people were having was the extreme change in diet.

The diet means people eat only meat and selected animal products, and people have claimed some startling benefits. Source: Instagram.

“Can we stop pushing extreme dieting and veiling it as wellness and transformation. It’s toxic,” someone wrote on Ms Parker’s Instagram post promoting the video.

Ms Parker documented the 30 days of her following the diet.

It is worth mentioning the video was sponsored by a meat delivery service and she claims about 80 per cent of the meat consumed in the video came from her own subscription to the service.

At the start of the challenge, before she eats her first entirely-carnivore meal, Ms Parker explain she is nervous, even though she has eaten “mostly carnivore” for the better part of the year.

Ms Parker explained she made sure all the meat was grass-fed, pasture raised and organic.

Her first update is on day 10 of the challenge, when she tells her audience she is going to make some changes. She said she wasn’t having the best digestions since eating full-on carnivore.

She explained she had been ‘grazing’ throughout the day, and decided she would try to eat two meals instead of doing this. In the next update on day 23, she said her digestion had been “on-point”.

While she also said her mental state was good, she was missing the freedom of being able to eat non-animal products.

Alyse Parker followed the diet for 30 days and said although she saw some improvement, would not continue the strict diet. Source: Youtube.

In her conclusion, Ms Parker said she noticed fat-loss and “power” when she went to the gym and she said she found she had more stable energy and focus throughout the day.

She also said she will not continue the 100 per cent carnivore diet, however the experience inspired her to continue to eat “mostly animal foods”.

While some people were repulsed by the experiment, some were supportive of Ms Parker.

“The best thing we can do is self-experiment to figure out what works for us!” someone wrote on her Instagram.

According to Healthline there are benefits to the carnivore diet, as reported by people who have trialed it.

Many people have claimed to have lost weight while following the diet and some people claim they have seen an improvement in their mental health.

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