Former Odesa recruiter Yevhen Borysov arrested in Kyiv, faces new charges

Arrest of Yevhen Borysov
Arrest of Yevhen Borysov

Officers of the State Bureau of Investigation arrested Yevhen Borysov, the former head of the Odesa Oblast military recruitment center, again as he exited the pre-trial detention center, the SBI press service reported on May 28.

Law enforcement received information that after paying bail of 12 million hryvnias ($297,196), the suspect planned to leave the remand prison and flee the investigation, potentially going abroad.

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Borysov was later detained in Kyiv. He was charged with organizing the legalization of illegal proceeds amounting to over 142 million hryvnias ($3.5 million) under Part 3 of Article 27 and Part 3 of Article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The investigation is ongoing.

Scandal with military commissar Borysov

In early May, former MP Ihor Mosiychuk told Radio NV that he had handed over evidence to Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau regarding luxury real estate in Spain purchased by Borysov during martial law.

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News agency Ukrainska Pravda published an investigation revealing that Borysov's family had purchased real estate on the Spanish coast and cars worth millions of dollars during the full-scale war. Borysov claimed he knew nothing about this, stating his wife was allegedly engaged in "retail trade" in Spain.

The State Bureau of Investigation opened a criminal case against Borysov in May based on reports that he had ordered his subordinates not to draft certain people for money. He was suspended from his post.

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Operational Command “South” announced Borysov’s dismissal on June 28, replacing him with Colonel Oleksandr Okhrimenko.

The National Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office announced on July 19 that the former head of the Odesa regional military commissariat, Borysov, had illegally enriched himself by 188 million hryvnias ($4.7 million).

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