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Former bartender names 5 things she would never do at a bar: 'Don't leave your drink unattended'

A longtime bartender’s advice on what never to do at a bar might leave you feeling a little ick.

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There’s no better expert on good bar etiquette than a bartender. TikToker and comedian @shellycantsitwithus has been bartending for 19 years. She shared five things not to do the next time you go out for drinks — but the thing is, most people are guilty of at least a couple of these unfortunate mistakes.

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“5 things I would never do after being a bartender for 19 years,” the video caption read.

First off, she advised people to study the bar’s environment. If it looks like a dive bar, it’s probably treated like one. That could mean unsanitary drafts. A telltale sign is a gross bathroom.

“They probably don’t clean their beer lines from the way back all the way to the front,” she said. “You can probably look up with a flashlight and see all the mold fuzz. It’s really cute.”

Secondly, steer clear of bars that batch their alcohol using giant machines. Those machines are also rarely cleaned.

“If they’re advertising that that batch cocktail is a Patrón margarita, did you know that all they had to do was add one bottle of Patrón to the entire batch, and they can call the whole batch a Patrón margarita?” she explained.

Her third suggestion was never to consume the fruit on the side of the drink. A diluted cocktail doesn’t have enough alcohol to sanitize the fruit slice.

“Did you see the dirty rag that your bartender just picked up to wipe off the bar in front of you, then all those sopping wet pens and all the cash they were handling, and then they picked up that piece of fruit and put in your drink?” she said.

The next tip is pretty simple: Don’t be a rude customer, or you might have something weird done to your drink or food.

“No. 5: Don’t leave your drink unattended, duh!” she explained. “The number of times that I have called the cops on people who have spiked a drink so subtly.”

She called these predators “professionals,” and it takes extra diligence to avoid them. There you have it — these five tips might just spare you some trouble at the next happy hour.

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