Forklift driver's tiny error causes warehouse to crumble around him

If you think you’ve had a bad day at work, spare a thought for this warehouse worker.

Video uploaded to Facebook shows the man driving a forklift down an aisle between tall shelves containing piles of boxes.

As he approached the end of the aisle, he drifts towards the left and accidentally nudges a shelf.

The tiny tap triggers a chain reaction, bringing down the entire aisle – and several others next to it.

The driver nudges a shelf. Source: Facebook/ Abraham Levy

Containers crack and crumble as shelves collapse like dominos – ultimately burying the forklift driver.

A few shelves to the right of the forklift are the only ones left standing.

The video has more than 760,000 views.

A shelf collapses. Source: Facebook/ Abraham Levy

One man, who claims to work in a similar environment, said the only way the shelves would collapse the way they did is if all the pallets were “over the weight capacity”.

A woman said the shelves appeared to be “cheap”.

It’s not known if anyone was injured in the incident.

The forklift driver covered in rubble. Source: Facebook/ Abraham Levy