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Ford Everest climbs motoring mountain with Wheels award

A popular SUV, designed and developed by Ford Australia for the international market has won the nation's most coveted motoring award, with the Everest the Wheels magazine's car of the year.

The Everest was one of six SUVs to make the final shortlist along with five electric cars, three hatchbacks and two sports cars.

Prices ranged from $37,000 to $322,000.

Wheels editor Alex Inwood said to be named car of the year a new vehicle had to triumph over serious competition during five days of rigorous testing.

"In the past this process has seen the award go to little cars, thumping V8 classics, hybrids and electric cars - but always to the best offering of the year," he said.

"The Ford Everest takes that mantle in 2023. It brings together so many clever and practical ideas for a complete and very classy package.

"The result is a fantastic and affordable big car experience, on road and off."

Criteria in the Wheels award, which is in its 60th year, include value, safety, how a car drives and cabin design and execution.

The cost of a car is compared to its rivals while the total ownership costs are factored in.

Each car must have a minimum five-star safety rating.

Wheels said the Ford Everest proved a stand out across most criteria and road tests.

"It's a highly versatile SUV that is perfectly suited to getting Australian families from here to there during the week and then across this big brown land for any adventure that suits," the magazine said.

The Everest costs between $50,000 and $70,000, depending on the model.

The car of the year award was first presented by Wheels in 1963 with the Renault 8 named the best that year.