Newlywed slams Jetstar after family kicked off flight home from Bali

A Melbourne woman has accused Jetstar staff of racism after she and 21 other members of her extended family were removed from a flight.

Sarah Aslan was preparing to travel home from Bali after her wedding when her friends and family were booted off the plane as it sat on the tarmac at Denpasar on Monday night, Nine News reports.

Video obtained by the network shows members of the party speaking with airline staff about the in-flight entertainment.

“Is it the beard?” one man asks a flight attendant.

“It feels like it might be.”

Sarah Alnaz speaks to Nine News alongside another man. Source: Nine News
Sarah Alnaz claims her family was kicked off a Jetstar flight because of their appearance. Source: Nine News

It’s not clear exactly what was said but Ms Aslan claims she and her family were kicked off the plane because of their appearance.

“Personally, it did feel like we were being attacked for looking ethnic and being Muslim,” she told Nine News.

The family said no one was intoxicated on the flight.

A Facebook post, obtained by the Herald Sun, written by Selim Tutuncu, who claims to be a member of the family, also claims they were “racially, verbally and physically assaulted”.

He added the family were left stranded with their children and forced to sleep on benches at the airport.

However, his claims, along with Ms Aslan’s, have been disputed.

A Jetstar plane prepares to take off at Kingsford Smith International Airport in Sydney.
Other passengers claim the family's behaviour was 'disgusting'. Source: AAP/file

‘Swearing’ and ‘threats of bashing’

On Facebook, a woman wrote the family in question became abusive and asked for compensation when the in-flight system wasn’t working.

What followed was “swearing” and “threats of bashing”, she wrote.

A Jetstar spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia while taxiing to the runway “a number of customers became disruptive and failed to follow crew instructions”.

“The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we do not tolerate any kind of disruptive or abusive behaviour,” the spokesperson said.

“We take these allegations extremely seriously and are investigating the matter, however our crew dispute the claims made by these passengers.”

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