Footage Shows Armed Break-In While Family Were Still Inside Wisconsin Home

Milwaukee resident Thevy Keungsavath-Pena has shared footage showing an armed break-in at her family home, which she said took place while she, her son, and her dog were still inside the building.

CCTV footage shows three men enter the home on March 10 after kicking down a door. It then shows a man, who Keungsavath-Pena said is her son, running through the house to avoid the trio who take an item before making a hurried escape.

“We had only been there for an hour after they broke in and may have been waiting for our neighbors in the alley to go back in their homes. All of our lights were on and there were clearly people inside but these men did not hesitate to still come in,” she wrote.

While speaking to local media she added, “Something made them turn around and I’m glad they did. Material things are nothing to me. As long as we’re safe, it’s good.” Local police have launched an investigation. Credit: Thevy Keungsavath-Pena via Storyful