Rare footage of two pythons found fighting in family's roof leaves snake catcher 'stoked'

Two male snakes have been caught on camera, mid-battle in the roof space of a Queensland home, thought to be fighting over a nearby female.

With spring around the corner, snakes are becoming more active as breeding season looms.

“I was called out to a home which was hearing banging and sliding around in their roof space,” said Stuart McKenzie, of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

He arrived to interrupt two large male carpet pythons fighting each other. He shared footage of the encounter to Facebook on Thursday, which he said was rare to see.

Two male snakes are seen fighting in the roof space of a Queensland home, presumably over a nearby female. Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 / Facebook

In the clip, the snake catcher says he collected the “active” carpet pythons from a family’s roof.

“I’m going to release them together, and if they want to keep biffing, they can,” he can be heard saying.

He relocated the pair in a grassed area, telling them: “Off you go. Sort it out. I’m sure there’s plenty of females here to fight over.”

In his post, Mr McKenzie said: “We don’t get to see this very often and I was pretty stoked to witness this.”

He added that fighting male snakes was going to be “a common occurrence” over the next few months as the weather started to get warmer.

Last month, a Cairns couple received the shock of their lives when they looked up to find their ceiling flex and crack under the weight of two monster pythons in the throes of passion.

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