Foot and mouth biosecurity measures

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* Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a contagious viral disease of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs with severe consequences for animal health and trade.

* The disease was detected in Indonesia in May and quickly spread to Bali, a popular destination for Australian tourists. Around 1.3 million Australians visited Bali in 2019.

* Australia is free from FMD. The virus has not been detected in Australia for more than 100 years.

* There is a livestock vaccine available in the event of an outbreak in Australia.

* It's estimated the disease would cost the Australian livestock industry $80 billion if detected.

* Viral fragments of foot and mouth disease were detected in pork products at a Melbourne retailer earlier this month. The products were seized during routine surveillance and destroyed.

* FMD occurs most commonly in parts of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and limited areas of South America.

* North America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and some countries in Europe have not had outbreaks for at least 50 years.


* Biosecurity response zones established at international airports. Officers have been given increased powers to screen travellers and ensure measures are complied with.

* All passengers returning from Indonesia are risk-assessed by border officials.

* Sanitation foot mats deployed at international airports for travellers from Indonesia to walk over. The mats contain a citric acid solution to dislodge dirt from the bottom of shoes.

* Detector dogs are operating at airports.

* A multi-million dollar biosecurity support package including $5 million for on-the-ground measures in Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea.

* One million doses provided to Indonesia's foot-and-mouth vaccine program.

* All incoming mail from Indonesia and China is being screened for meat products.

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