Fool Me Once's Richard Armitage teases details of new Harlan Coben drama

michelle keegan, richard armitage, fool me once
Richard Armitage teases new Harlan Coben drama Netflix

Fool Me Once star Richard Armitage has revealed details about his new role in Harlan Coben's next Netflix series.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, the actor, who appears next on screen in ITV plane thriller Red Eye, teased character details for the upcoming TV adaptation of Coben's Missing You.

"I'm playing a police sergeant, which I've never played before," he tells us. "I've never played a copper."

michelle keegan, richard armitage, fool me once

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"I suppose in a way it's a slight reversal of what I played in Fool Me Once," he adds. "You don't really trust him at the beginning, but there's something he's hiding."

Armitage has appeared in three dramas by the acclaimed thriller writer to date: Stay Close, The Stranger and most recently Fool Me Once.

He'll star alongside Slow Horses' Rosalind Eleazar, EastEnders actor Jessica Plummer and Lenny Henry in his fourth Harlan Coben drama.

richard armitage, fool me once
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Asked about what draws him to the thriller genre, Armitage admits: "I can't keep away from it. It is so my vibe. And as a writer, I just love intrigue. I love the unexpected. I love a great plot twist."

"I genuinely love characters who turn out to be somebody that you didn't think they were or that will reveal something about themselves that they've been hiding," he continues. "I also like how technology is incorporated into that, in terms of Harlan Coben's writing and Pete Dowling's writing as well.

"Technology plays a big part, because we can be very secretive in today's world. But our digital footprint is the thing that can basically trip us up."

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Armitage's latest show Red Eye on ITV is another thriller, with many questions surrounding his character Dr Matthew Nolan.

Nolan returns to the UK following a business trip to Beijing and finds himself immediately arrested on suspicion of murder, with authorities wanting answers about a car crash he was involved in whilst away, where a woman reportedly died.

DC Hana Li (Crazy Rich Asians' Jing Lusi) is assigned to transport Nolan back to China for questioning, but his safe arrival appears jeopardised as events take a turn on the flight back.

Red Eye airs on ITV from Sunday, April 21 and is available to stream on ITVX.

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