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'Foden is so skilful, he can play anywhere in midfield and attack'

Your Views
Your Views

We asked where you think is hil Foden's best position after England boss Gareth Southgate questioned his desire to play in central midfield.

Here are some of your thoughts:

Neil: Foden is such a skilful player that he can play anywhere in midfield and attack. He does not regularly play in a central midfield position for City as they play different systems to the way England play. His best position, in my opinion, is as a number 10, feeding the forward line. I think Southgate needs to assess the players' abilities more.

Dan: Xavi, Iniesta - even Pep - were small central midfielders able to pivot and create in crowded spaces. Central midfield was made for Foden. Sorry, Southgate, but you need to be bold and forget what City do. This is England.

Marcus: I'm tired of Southgate refusing to play Foden centrally because "he doesn't play there for his club" and yet he was happy to play Jude Bellingham on the left-wing against Ukraine, and he's played Trent Alexander-Arnold in midfield before. Seems like one rule for Phil and one rule for everyone else.

Jack: Foden was man of the match recently when he played as a 10 for City. That's where he should play for England. He has played on the left for City only because De Bruyne plays as a 10.

Billy: Foden doesn't play primarily in the centre for City because Pep overloads the midfield with De Bruyne, Bernardo and Rodri, meaning Foden was playing for left-wing against Grealish. Now De Bruyne is injured, Foden has started playing more centrally and has shown his ability to turn in the box.