FLYWAYS : The untold journey of migratory shorebirds. Official Trailer 2023

The trailer for the documentary by Australian filmmaker Randall Wood.

Video transcript


- As summer ends, shorebirds rise from the mud and take to the skies. They navigate thousands of miles along ancient flyways, lines of ancestral memory that wrap around the globe.

- Our quest is to follow the migrations of these birds.

- They're moving really quickly, and they're moving very far.

- Where do they touch down?

- I'm hoping to find some of the stopover sites.

- The birds were roosting here this morning. We see a lot of tracks of [INAUDIBLE]. They stay here for, like, two, three weeks to refuel in order to make it to Northern Siberia.

- Thousands of kilometers of sea wall have replaced natural coastline along much of Eastern China.

- The rates at which things are changing are much faster than they've ever been.

- These birds are shrinking in size, and we think that Arctic warming is playing a big role here.

- There's every chance the [INAUDIBLE] could be extinct within a few decades.

- Alarm bells go off.


We have a new problem, and that's the war in Ukraine.

- I can't go to where we need to be at this stage in our research.

- To help them to survive, you firstly need to understand why they die.

- Fracking technology has really helped. It's given us the first pictures on what's happening as birds migrate.

- [? We've ?] tracked AAD crossing over the Great Barrier Reef. Still flying over some of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia. And she's touched down in Taiwan.


- Hundreds of people began searching for AAD.

- Oh, yeah. That's a godwit, a godwit that we might have seen in Chile.

- Crossing borders that we cannot cross.

- The sheer number of good people around this flyway arguing passionately for the conservation of these birds.

- We can learn from the birds. They tell a story that the world has troubles, and we should actually listen to them.