Florida man who caught alligator in garbage bin: 'Steve Irwin came out in me'

On Cuomo Prime Time Thursday, Eugene Bozzi, the Florida man who went viral when a video of him catching an alligator in a garbage bin showed up on social media earlier in the week, invoked the legendary Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, when speaking about the incident.

Bozzi, a North PHiladelphia native and Army veteran, said “Steve Irwin came out a little bit” in him while this was occurring. He also credited his time in the military for his staying calm and collected throughout the incident.

“To be under pressure, to not panic, and approach the situation and to finish the task and eliminate the threat so you can make the environment around you safe,” Bozzi said. “That’s kind of what I did in Afghanistan with my other veterans, and I’m proud that I served this country.”

But, according to Cuomo, Bozzi has a lot more to deal with than alligators. That being the fact that Bozzi has seven daughters.

A stunned Cuomo, who has two daughters, said, “An alligator is the least of your problems with seven daughters.”

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