Florida family races to save 22-year-old diver after he goes missing at sea for 2 hours: 'We were thinking the worst'

Family members of a 22-year-old Florida man rushed to rescue him after he got caught in an ocean current and went missing at sea for several hours.

Dylan Gartenmayer was free diving off of the coast of Key West, Fla., with two friends on Jan. 19 when he did not resurface. He was caught by the powerful Gulf Stream current and was reported missing to his family about two hours later.

Priscilla Gartenmayer, Dylan’s cousin, told Storyful that her boyfriend received a call from a family friend who broke the news about Dylan.

“We were told that he went down for a dive and did not resurface. So we were thinking the worst,” Priscilla said.

The family immediately took action and took their grandfather’s boat to search for Dylan. The group was out near Western Sambo, a reef off of Boca Chica Key that the family knew Dylan would recognize. Hoping Dylan would’ve swum to the landmark, the family steered the boat closer.

“Before we even completely stopped the boat to start looking, Joel [Gartenmayer’s boyfriend] spotted Dylan near the channel marker that marked that reef,” Priscilla said. “The joy we felt in that moment is indescribable.”

Video footage recorded during the rescue shows Dylan being embraced by his family as he was pulled aboard the boat.

According to Priscilla, the Coast Guard came not too long after to check Dylan’s vitals.

“His core temperature was slightly low, but besides that, he was perfectly fine,” Priscilla said. “We later were able to pick up Dylan from the Coast Guard station and bring him home.”

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