Florida Cyclist Fires at Police Officer During Traffic Stop

A cyclist who was being pulled over for a traffic violation fired a shot at a police officer’s vehicle in Leesburg, Florida, late on December 4, before fleeing the scene on foot, the Leesburg Police Department said.

A statement shared by police on Facebook said: “The cyclist rode his bicycle over the curb and into the grassy shoulder of the road, remaining on his bicycle. As he straddled the bicycle, the individual began fidgeting with the hooded jacket he was wearing. During the encounter, the individual quickly turned toward the officer and fired one round at the officer, striking the windshield of his patrol car. The officer immediately returned fire, however it is currently unknown if the suspect was struck.”

Police said efforts to find the suspect had been unsuccessful. This dashcam footage of the incident was released on December 5. Police appealed to the public for information. Credit: Leesburg Police Department via Storyful