Police officer's kind act for little girl 'crying hysterically'

A police officer has been praised for going above and beyond the call of duty when he comforted a distressed little girl whose cat had just been run over and killed.

Nine-year-old Makayla Hogue was “crying hysterically” outside her home after she watched as her pet cat Alice was struck by a passing car.

Officer Justin Whitten, of the Florence Alabama Police Department, noticed the traumatised child and stopped to comfort her.

Officer Justin Whitten comforted Makayla Hogue who was "crying hysterically” outside her Florence Alabama home when her cat was killed. Source: Toni Marie Mercaldi / Facebook

“With it being a little girl, I wanted to help her because she was crying,” he told WAFF 48 news.

“I wanted to make sure Makayla was OK. I wanted to take care what I could take care of for mum.”

The officer also helped the little girl’s mother lay the pet to rest, but his act of kindness didn't stop there. He returned a short time later with a new pet cat for Makayla.

The child’s mother Toni Marie Mercaldi thanked Officer Whitten for his kind gesture in a glowing Facebook post on Sunday.

Officer Justin Whitten brought Makayla Hogue a new cat after she was distressed about her pet Alice being run over. Source: Toni Marie Mercaldi / Facebook

“Today a car going down Royal Ave hit a cat my daughter loved with all her heart. This person didn’t even bother to stop when she ran out in the road behind them to get Alice,” she wrote.

“Alice had a seizure and passed away in my daughter’s arms.”

The mother said Officer Whitten “saved the day” when he came to hug Makayla as she cried.

“He made a traumatising experience for my child a little bit easier and went above and beyond,” Ms Mercaldi added.

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