'Flips the bird, slams the brakes': Social media users divided over ute driver's crash

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

Dashcam footage capturing a high-speed rear-ending accident in NSW has divided social media users over who is to blame for the terrifying incident.

The dashcam inside a vehicle caught a silver Holden Commodore ute cut in front of it, before braking shortly after and causing the car behind to slam violently into its tray.

Just seconds before the collision near Lisarow, on the Central Coast, the ute driver stuck his arm out the window and held up his middle finger at the car behind.

An angry ute driver cut in front of another driver, before slamming on his brakes. Source: Facebook/Dash cam owners Australia

Footage uploaded to Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Facebook page on Monday prompted a heated debate among road users.

“Impatient Commodore ute driver overtakes in right-hand-turn-only lane in the wet. Flips the bird and slams the brakes on. He copped three traffic offences and the insurance bill,” the post read. 

Commenters however, were not entirely convinced the ute driver was the only one at fault, suggesting the driver behind may have been equally to blame.

The footage showed the ute driver speeding around the vehicle before pulling up in front. Source: Facebook/Dash cam owners Australia

Zero effort made to stop and avoid the accident,” one commenter wrote.

Yet again another edited clip..cam driver was probably driving like a tool to start with,” someone else said.

Isn’t it the driver who slammed into the back of the ute who is at fault here? Regardless of the circumstances preceding the impact?” another added.

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