Flight bands together to help dad and toddlers who were separated from mom: 'I've never been so proud'

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An entire flight of passengers rallied together to help a dad and his kids.

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TikToker Bryan Minerly was aboard the plane when it happened and shared the story. It all started when Minerly’s plane was stuck at the gate for two hours after everyone had boarded. A man named Paul and his two fussy toddlers was also on the flight — and he wasn’t having an easy time.

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Minerly explained that when Paul’s kids got rowdy, Paul told the crowd: “I’m so sorry. I was supposed to be flying with my wife and my newborn baby and two kids. We knew our baby was going to be asleep, we were gonna play zone defense on the kids but they oversold my flight. They split me and my wife up. My wife’s with the newborn baby on one plane and we’re on this one. And I don’t know what to do.”

After that the “whole plane was on Paul’s team,” Minerly said. Then the passengers got more news. The plane was overweight so the last traveler added to the flight had to be removed.

“We watched in disbelief as they walked back to Paul! And I’m not kidding when I’m saying three grown men who didn’t know Paul previously stood up like ‘we volunteer as tribute,'” the TikToker said.

The men were happy to sacrifice themselves so that the poor dad could just catch a break. But the airline insisted that it was Paul and his kids who had to leave. The plane filled with “murmurs” and “discontent” at the news. Then finally, the passengers got some answers. It turns out the airline was reuniting Paul with his wife and newborn.

“The whole plane is like victory!” Minerly said.

Still, it wasn’t enough to satisfy one passenger. One of the men who had volunteered insisted Paul additionally receive $800 worth of flight credits. The flight attendant couldn’t confirm but essentially gave the passengers a little wink that Paul would be amply taken care of.

Minerly’s video racked up 4.5 million views on TikTok.

“If Paul doesn’t get his $800 in flight credit, WE RIDE AT DAWN,” a user joked.

“I’m INVESTED. Need to know Paul is okay,” another said.

“I’ve never been so proud of a whole plane full of people I’ve never met before,” someone added.

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