Flight attendant shocked by airline's response after accusing pilot of rape

A former flight attendant is suing Alaska Airlines after she claims she was fired when alleging she was drugged and raped by a co-pilot.

Ashley Geffre, 25, filed a lawsuit against the airline, claiming after she reported the alleged incident to her employer in August 2017, she was dismissed.

Ms Geffre alleges the incident happened during an overnight stay in Florida, when she accompanied her colleague for dinner and drinks.

“The next day I woke up early in the morning around 6 or 7am. And I had no clothes on. My clothes were on every corner of the room and I was scared… I felt sexually assaulted,” Ms Geffre told US television network KIRO 7.

Former flight attendant Ashley Geffre, 25, alleges she was drugged and raped by a colleague while on an overnight stop in August 2017. Source: Facebook/ Ashley Geffre

After heading to the local sheriff’s office, she was informed that she was discovered in a stairwell by a security guard who claims to have found her covered in vomit with her underwear around her ankles.

Ms Geffre contacted Alaska Airlines to inform the airline she wouldn’t be able to work that evening because she didn’t feel safe. She claimed the first officer had also claimed he was drugged would also not be flying.

Ms Geffre later spoke with her union rep over the matter, and says she was oblivious that the conversation was “going to lead to termination”.

“They called me dishonest. I’ve been called a liar by a company that I loved working for. I’ve been slut-shamed by a company that I devoted my time to,” Ms Geffre recalled.

The airline said in a statement that the reported attacker had been grounded while they investigated the incident. Source: Getty, file.

According to Ms Geffre’s lawsuit, the first officer she alleges assaulted her remains employed with the airline. She says she believes its because flight attendants and pilots are “treated very differently”.

In a statement to KIRO 7, Alaska Airlines said the first officer hadn’t flown with the airline since the alleged incident.

“Alaska Airlines has a firm non-retaliation policy. We can confirm that the first officer was removed from duty immediately and has not flown since August 2017,” a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also said the airline is “fully” investigating the allegations.

Yahoo7 News has contacted Alaska Airlines for comment on the lawsuit.

The lawsuit follows another employee suing the airline in recent months claiming she was also drugged and raped by a pilot during an overnight stop in Minneapolis in June 2017.