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Flight attendant daughter surprises mom who 'hates flying': 'This was just the best moment'

An 18-year-old flight attendant gave her mom a pretty special surprise on a flight.

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TikToker @xdaiz wanted to make sure her mom had a more comfortable flight. Her mom is afraid of flying. So she used her special connections to find an unexpected way to surprise her mom right before the plane took off.

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“Surprising my mum who hates flying on her flight,” the video text read.

The mom appeared nervous as she was ready to board the small plane. She wore a worried and anxious look on her face. But as soon as she caught a glimpse of her daughter, the fear turned to excitement. With her daughter on the cabin crew, the circumstances were completely different.

“She said she felt so much better and wasn’t even scared!! glad I got her over her fear,” the flight attendant added in the comments.

TikTokers thought the flight attendant did a wonderful thing for her mom.

“That is the most wholesome thing. I’m even shedding a tear now,” someone wrote.

“Ah, that’s lovely. My cousin did that for her parents, she was the pilot and made the announcement she had special guests on board,” a user said.

“This is so cute. My mum’s off on her hols in September I really wanna get on her flight to surprise her like this,” a person commented.

“This was just the best moment!! Thank you for making it so so special!… Her face!” another added.

“Awwww no stop it, I’m not crying. You are,” a TikToker replied.

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