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Flex decisions for week 10

Matt Harmon and Tank Williams run through a few flex options to consider in week 10.

Video transcript

MATT HARMON: It's time to turn to the flexed position and our Built to Serve picks brought to you by Ram Trucks. They're redefining what a truck can be and do every day with plenty of power, capability, and durability each week. We're picking players that align with these quality traits that can lead your fantasy lineup into a winning position. Tank, get us started with a capable wide receiver here.


TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah, well my capability pick, I'm starting off with Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Now, this is a guy that's shown that he's more than capable in that Kansas City Chiefs offense. He's had games where he's had eight targets, six receptions, 90 yards, four targets, three receptions, 111 yards.

He's going against the Jacksonville defense where they give up the 11 most wide receiver fantasy points. There's no Mecole Hardman today, so that means that there should be more targets. But at the same time, this guy can disappear. So even though he's capable, you have to understand that that doesn't always mean that he's reliable. But I think this is a good situation where, with Mecole Hardman out, you may want to go ahead and slide MVS in your lineup and hopefully participate in some upside this week.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I think I had MVS in this segment last week, and he capably dusted me. So good luck to you, Tank, on that journey.


My guy here-- and again, durability-- this seems like there's no lock for durability this week. We have at least, like, 35 injury questions we're dealing with. What a nightmare of a slate.

But if Ezekiel Elliott does miss the game against the Green Bay Packers, and even if he doesn't, honestly, I think Tony Pollard makes for a pretty awesome flex play, maybe even a low-to-mid RB2-- again, just if Zeke plays. But if Zeke is out, we know that Pollard goes to the moon, man.

Green Bay right now, 29th in rushing success rate allowed. They're 10th in terms of drop-back success rate allowed. So they're one of these funnel defenses that we always talk about where not that great stopping the run, but they do have a capable pass defense.

You know, Tony Pollard, the Dallas Cowboys' coaching staff that wants to keep-- they want to keep him limited, right? To about 30 snaps or something per game. We've seen even when Zeke was out against the Chicago Bears, Tony Pollard didn't need a full workhorse role to go crazy. He absolutely went crazy in that game against the Bears.

I think he has top-five running back upside on this slate, again, with or without Zeke, because of that big [? playability, ?] he's a guy with the durability in his back pocket. I'm locking him into lineups anywhere. Tank, hit us with your next pick.

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah, so with the power pick-- when I think about power, I think about the Steel City. And this is a little bit of a unconventional pick, but I'm going with the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense. Guess who's returning this week? That dude TJ Watt.

Now, it doesn't help that Minkah Fitzpatrick is gonna be out for a few weeks because he had an appendectomy. But TJ Watt is back, and guess who's coming to town-- Andy Dalton, my favorite ginger [? fish. ?] And if the Pittsburgh Steelers somehow kind of embarrass him and shame him and you get him out the game, guess who they roll into the game next. Jameis Winston.

So with TJ Watt's return, he's a game breaker, a game player. I feel like there's no way that this Pittsburgh Steelers defense doesn't come out on fire today. And they have the perfect matchup with a bunch of quarterbacks that like to turn the ball over. So if you want some power in your lineup, sliding in somebody in the flex on the defensive position, Pittsburgh Steelers may not be a bad choice with TJ Watt [? returning. ?]

MATT HARMON: Kind of cruel for the Steelers to roll out TJ Watt in this one against Andy Dalton. Hasn't he suffered enough at the hand of the Steelers? But anyway, get those guys in your rosters, and be sure to check out the entire game-changing Ram lineup at