Fletcher Pilon's difficult TV moment

Danielle McGrane

Australia's Got Talent winner Fletcher Pilon admits he found it hard to sing about his late brother in the final of the talent show.

The 14-year-old won the reality TV show on Monday night, taking home $250,000 in prize money, singing his song Infinite Child written in memory of his brother Banjo who died last year at the age of 10.

"Every time I sing that song it's definitely hard and ... it's how I always will feel," Fletcher told AAP.

Last August, Banjo was knocked down by a car while he was out skateboarding with friends in his hometown of Wamberal on the NSW Central Coast.

A few months later, Fletcher wrote Infinite Child in memory of Banjo and released it in December.

"I think it's nice to come back to that and I was really glad that I got to sing it in honour of my brother and tribute him that way," he said.

"I feel like the song is about how I feel he will always be here and with me."

It was an emotional performance which caused judge Sophie Monk to break down in tears.

When Fletcher began to introduce the song on the show it was clear he was struggling emotionally as he told the crowd about his little brother.

But when he started to sing, he composed himself.

"It was important for me to do it without breaking down because I need to be strong for my brother and myself," he said.

"I think he'll be an inspiration for me in every moment for the rest of my life. I can learn from him and the way he lived."

Fletcher now has a lot of choices to make.

Sony Music Australia have 30 days to decide whether or not to sign him to the label.

"I'm in an agreement with Sony at the moment, they have an option to sign me. They may of may not do that. If they don't then I'm kind of left to the wolves," he said.

The singer is also about to embark on an eight-date tour of NSW with Justice Crew. He also plans to go to the US.

"I'd like to go over there and just give it a crack for a bit. I released my first EP last December and that's gone really well so I'm pretty stoked about where that's at," he said.

Fletcher's EP, titled Banjo, was a success hitting number two on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart before Fletcher even entered the TV talent show.

"I checked it this morning and it's actually at number one now," he said.

For the moment, Fletcher will return to normal life in Wamberal.

"I think I'll be back in school this week. It's kind of like school is a break at this point which is kind of opposite to most kids my age," he said.