'Can you bring me McDonald's?': Boy's bizarre emergency call

A five-year-old boy has called the police asking for them to bring him McDonald’s.

Iziah Hall, from the US state of Michigan, called the police on Sunday after getting hold of a deactivated phone and connecting it to WiFi, ABC 13 reported.

In audio obtained by the news station little Iziah can be heard asking dispatcher Sara Kuberski for some fast food.

She asks what his emergency is.

Iziah Hall called police in Michigan asking for McDonald's. Source: ABC 13

"Can you bring me McDonald's?" Izaiah says.

"I'm sorry, what?" Ms Kuberski says.

The five-year-old then repeats asking for McDonald’s.

Ms Kuberski told the little boy she could not bring him the food but sent police officer Dan Patterson to check on him.

She later told the news station parents needed to be aware of their children being able to use deactivated phones to call emergency services by connecting them to WiFi.

Police officer Dan Patterson performed a welfare check and delivered the boy some food. Source: ABC 13

The dispatcher added it happened often.

As for Iziah, the police officer told ABC 13 he stopped by McDonald’s to pick up some for the little boy on his way to performing a welfare check.

"The first thing he said to me was, 'My grandma's gonna be so mad. Can you please go away?’" Officer Patterson said.

Iziah’s grandmother reminded him asking for McDonald’s was not the appropriate use of the emergency call line.

But he still got to enjoy his McDonald’s.

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