Same as a five-star hotel: The shocking amount nurse's brutal killers have cost taxpayers

Five men who are locked away for the brutal rape and murder of Sydney nurse Anita Cobby have cost taxpayers the same amount as if they had stayed in a five-star hotel for the past 30 years.

The former beauty queen was walking home from Blacktown train station in February 1986 when five men dragged her into a stolen car.

They drove her to a secluded paddock where she was gang-raped and beaten before she was tortured with knives and left to die.

Leslie Murphy was 22, his brothers Gary and Michael were 28 and 33, Michael Murdoch was 19 and John Travers was 18 at the time of Ms Cobby’s death.

Anita Cobby was brutally raped and murdered in February 1986. Image: AAP
The murder of the former beauty queen and nurse sparked a public outcry. Images: AAP

“Horrible, really, everything about it was horrible,” Gary Murphy’s solicitor Leigh Johnson said.

All were found guilty in 1987 of murder and sentenced to life in prison, never to be released.

A 7News investigation has now revealed the bill for keeping the 26-year-old’s murderers locked up stands at more than $17 million.

It costs $108,000 a year to house a maximum-security prisoner, meaning it costs more than half a million dollars every year to keep “the Cobby killers” behind bars.

It has so far cost more than $17 million to keep Leslie Murphy, Gary Murphy, Michael Murphy, Michael Murdoch and John Travers locked up. Image: 7News

“It’s certainly a great cost to the taxpayer,” Ms Johnson.

Despite being locked up for 32 years, Michael Murphy remains unrepentant.

“Why would I f****** apologise to anyone while you bastards leave me in this f****** room and treat me like s***?” the 65-year-old wrote.