Fitness influencer Larissa Borges dies aged 33 after double cardiac arrest

Fitness influencer Larissa Borges dies aged 33 after double cardiac arrest

Fitness influencer Larissa Borges has died at the age of 33, after spending a week in a coma due to double cardiac arrest, according to her family.

In a statement shared to her Instagram account on Monday, Borges’ family revealed that she had passed away. They explained that her death came after she was first admitted to a hospital earlier this month, when she first suffered cardiac arrest.

“It is with deep sadness that we report the death of our beloved Larissa Borges,” the statement reads, which was translated from Portuguese to English via Google Translate. “Larissa suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday, the 20th, in Gramado-RS and fought bravely in a coma for a week.”

In the statement, the influencer’s family said she passed on 28 August, when she “faced a new cardiac arrest and, unfortunately, did not resist”.

Borges’ family went on to reflect on their grief over the death of the 33 year old.

“The pain of losing someone so young, at just 33 years old, and so lovely is overwhelming,” the statement continued. “Our hearts are broken, and the longing we will feel is indescribable.”

The statement continued to detail the “legacy of love, joy and determination” that Borges left, before describing her personality.

“She was known for her captivating personality, always bringing smiles to those around her,” her family wrote. “Her presence illuminated any environment, and her contagious energy was missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing her.”

Borges’ family went on to praise her work ethic, continuing: “In addition to her charming personality, Larissa was also a dedicated and hardworking person. She battled tirelessly for her life, facing all the obstacles that a determined, warrior woman does: Without complaining.”

The statement concluded by describing the “void” that Borges’ death has left in her family’s hearts. It also noted that more information regarding her passing will continued to be shared.

“May her soul rest in peace and may her memory always be remembered with affection and gratitude,” the Brazilian influencer’s family continued. “We ask everyone to wait for information about the burial, which will be announced shortly.”

The caption of the Instagram post also read: “Our beloved daughter, take your steps with God, and be blessed.”

According to recent reports, the Civil Police in Gramado will be conducting an investigation into Borges’ death. Speaking to Brazilian news outlet G1, Delegate Gustavo Barcellos said that the investigation will begin after the results of the autopsy are done. The delegate also claimed that Borges could have ingested alcohol and “narcotic substances” before she died.

“There is a report of possible ingestion of narcotic substances, accumulated with alcoholic beverages,” Barcellos summarised to the news outlet. “The body was sent for necropsy. Let’s try to look through laboratory tests for substances that she possibly consumed. We have already heard the boyfriend who was with her and we are investigating the case.”

Borges had more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently posted about her workout routines, daily life in Brazil, and trips she’d taken. One week before her death was reported, she shared a snap of herself sking in Gramado, alongside the caption: “I can believe in tomorrow.”

After sharing the statement to Instagram about her death, Borges’ family posted a video of her 2021 trip to Pernambuco, Brazil, alongside a caption that read: “She enjoyed all God have given her.”

In the comments of the video, many fans sent messages of condolence to Borges’ family, while speaking candidly about their own grief after the influencer’s passing.

“Forever in our hearts,” one wrote, while another added: “Rest in peace Lari..My condolences to the whole family.”

A third wrote: “It's heartbreaking!!! Stay here once again, my gratitude for having known you [is] wonderful. I [hope] your passage was as peaceful as possible, and that you are being very well taken care of by the Holy Spirit!”

The Independent has contacted the Gramado police department for comment.