Fishermen shares his joy after seeing great white shark off Bells Beach

Reece Holwell spoke to Yahoo News Australia about his experience. Source: @devil_holwell

Video transcript

- Coming in. See him coming in? See that?

- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I see him. I see him.

- Reece Holwell was fishing off Bell's Beach in Victoria on Tuesday when he saw a massive great white shark hanging around his boat.

- Don't fall in.


Whatever you do, please, don't fall in. Oh, wow.

- He explained to Yahoo News Australia about what he did next.

REECE HOLWELL: Really consider myself really lucky that it's actually come up to the back of the boat. And yeah, we were able to get a look at it because all I say to my friends and I'd be like, oh, how cool would it be to see a great white one day? And they're all like, yeah, yeah, I know. I can't wait to see one. And yeah, on Tuesday, was actually the day.

And there wasn't a moment where we go, [BLEEP], we need to drive off on it because it's going to bite the boater or bump the boat over, you know? My heart was racing just out of pure excitement, not out of pure fear. But the only reason we actually drove off was because we'll get washed closer to shore. It didn't look intimidated by us.