Fishermen slapped with $275 fine over single fish

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Fishers on the Gold Coast have been slapped with a $275 fine for exceeding the legal possession limit by a single fish.

The anglers were looking for snapper when they were caught by Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers who were conducting inspections offshore.

“The fishers had exceeded their possession limit of four per person, and of eight per boat,” Fisheries Queensland said on Facebook.

In the post, which has since received almost 300 comments, Fisheries Queensland went on to explain that the fishers were only one fish over the legal limit.

The snapper caught by the fishers off the Gold Coast
One snapper too many has cost Queensland fishers $275. Source: Facebook

Other fishermen infuriated by act

While it’s a bitter bait to take for the fishermen, most of those who’ve responded on social media have slammed the fine as “a joke”.

“$275 is too lenient,” one person wrote. “[The] fuel bill would be bigger.”

“It’s a tougher penalty for just doing one kilometres over the speed limit,” another claimed.

“Sorry Fisheries but your fines are a joke,” someone else added. “How are they going to deter anyone?

Many called on the Queensland government to introduce tougher penalties, saying the current charges are “not fair on those of us doing the right thing”.

“Implement a fine that really stings,” one user said.

“If people are too ignorant to check size and possession limits, which isn’t hard to do, then [you] need to make sure they learn a lesson with hefty fines."

“[You] should take their boat,” another suggested. “It’s the only way you can be sure they won’t do it again in a hurry.”

While others insisted that education was the answer.

“If people better understand why limits are in place, they’re more likely to respect why they’re in place,” one man said.

A boat with two people on board off the Gold Coast
Fisheries Queensland, who said the illegal activity occurred off the Gold Coast, is using the incident to remind others of the rules. Source: AAP

“If Fisheries Queensland is going to make laws, they need to educate people about them.”

Fisheries Queensland has used the incident to remind fishers of the rules.

“Don’t push your limits,” it said on Facebook. “Don’t get caught out. Check the rules before you go fishing."

Under Fisheries Queensland rules, all snapper caught must be over 35 centimetres, and no more than one over 70 centimetres.

All illegal catches need to be returned to the water.

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