'This is a first for us': Woman's bizarre excuse for driving 57km/h over speed limit

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

A Melbourne woman has had her car impounded after she was caught travelling 57 km/h over the speed limit – but it was her excuse that stunned police.

After she was clocked at 137km/h down Sydney Road, Moreland on Monday afternoon, police pulled over the Jeep driver who somehow insisted she was travelling “75”, and was under the 80km speed limit.

When officers took a look inside the 4WD, they noticed the driver had decided to shun Australia’s unit of measurement, and changed the car’s settings from kilometres to miles.

“Okay, this is a first for us… [the] driver swore she was doing 75,” Moreland Police wrote in a Facebook post.

The driver was caught travelling 57km/h above the speed limit. Source: Eyewatch – Moreland Police

“A closer inspection of the car shows the driver had changed the car settings from metric to imperial.

When police converted her recorded speed of 137 km/h to miles, it still came back at 85 miles per hour, meaning she had not been doing the “75” she argued about.

Officers refused to lessen the penalty for the alleged misunderstanding. The car was impounded and she has been summoned to appear in court.

“Either way it was incredibly fast and dangerous. Car impounded,” they wrote.

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