First trailer for Zoë Kravitz's new thriller with Channing Tatum

blink twice official trailer
First trailer for Zoë Kravitz's new thrillerWarner Bros.

Blink Twice, the directorial debut from Zoë Kravitz, has unveiled its first trailer, with Channing Tatum in the leading role.

The film, formerly called Pussy Island, follows Frida (Naomi Ackie), a cocktail waitress who becomes infatuated with tech mogul Slater King (Channing Tatum). Things go awry, however, when she travels to his private island.

The tense trailer begins with Tatum’s character proclaiming that “everybody is dead”, before he whisks us away to the beginning as the plot is set in motion, with Frida being introduced to a slew of characters before heading to the island.

blink twice official trailer
Warner Bros.

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After an idyllic start, the residents gradually begin to grow suspicious and scared of their surroundings, with the action escalating to knife fights, gun battles, large fires and a lot of second-guessing.

Kravitz, who is currently engaged to Tatum, has previously spoken about the project when it was called Pussy Island, saying that the script and previous title were informed by the world’s response to the #MeToo Movement.

“The title came from that world,” she told IndieWire. “The title is the seed of the story. It represents this time where it would be acceptable for a group of men to call a place that, and the illusion that we’re out of that time now.

blink twice official trailer
Warner Bros.

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“[It was] born out of a lot of anger and frustration around the lack of conversation about the treatment of women, specifically in industries that have a lot of money in them, like Hollywood, the tech world, all of that.

“I was reminded that I’m an artist. Being an artist is not about everybody loving you or everyone thinking you’re hot. It’s about expressing something that will hopefully spark a conversation or inspire people or make them feel seen.”

Blink Twice is scheduled to be released on August 23.

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