Reacher star's 100%-rated horror Strange Darling confirms UK release date

willa fitzgerald, strange darling trailer
Reacher star's 100%-rated horror confirms UK dateMagenta Light Studios

Strange Darling, the new movie starring Reacher's Willa Fitzgerald, has unveiled its first trailer and confirmed its UK release.

The horror-thriller sees Fitzgerald, who appeared as Roscoe Conklin in the first season of the Prime Video show, play a woman on the run from a deranged serial killer, known as the Demon (Kyle Gallner), in the Oregon wilderness.

As well as the trailer, we've also got confirmation that Strange Darling will be released in US cinemas on August 23 and in UK cinemas on September 20.

If you can't wait that long, Strange Darling also holds its European premiere on Saturday, August 24 at FrightFest London.

kyle gallner, strange darling trailer
Magenta Light Studios

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The trailer begins with Fitzgerald, donning a bright red wig as she assumes the role of the Lady, schmoozing with Gallner’s character as they get close in a car.

Despite the seemingly pleasant tone, this quickly descends into suspense as she asks him: “Are you a serial killer?” From there, we get a glimpse of the cat-and-mouse chase, with the Demon stopping at nothing to claim his next victim.

The logline for the film, which is due for release in the US on August 23, reads: “Nothing is what it seems when a twisted one-night stand spirals into a serial killer’s vicious murder spree.” There is currently no release date for the UK, but we hope to get more information soon.

Written and directed by JT Mollner, Strange Darling received rave reviews upon its premiere at Fantastic Fest in September, with the film currently boasting a perfect 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from its first 15 reviews.

willa fitzgerald, strange darling trailer
Magenta Light Studios

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In addition to the first batch of reviews, you can read an alternative selection below:

Dread Central

“From the opening minutes, JT Mollner’s Strange Darling rockets into a full-blown chase movie that recalls the raw grit of 1970s crime movies and the pulp hyperreality of 1990s indie cinema.”

The Hollywood News

“A clever modern throwback to the Grindhouse era, Strange Darling manages to be seductive, sensual and unnerving simultaneously. Its unconventional structure enriches the story, making it one thriller too tantalising to pass by.”

Screen Anarchy

“Despite the looks of a 70s proud exploitation flick, Mollner’s film lives in the present, and manages to stick a few comments about the power dynamics, delusiveness of appearances and taking things at face value, and even the vicissitude of love.”

Strange Darling is released in US cinemas on August 23 and in UK cinemas on September 20.

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