First trailer for Matt Smith and Morfydd Clark's new movie Starve Acre

matt smith in starve acre
First trailer for Matt Smith's horror movieBBC Films

Matt Smith and Morfydd Clark's new movie Starve Acre has unveiled its stunning first trailer.

The folk horror movie features former Doctor Who star Matt Smith and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power's Morfydd Clark as the owners of a sinister country estate.

The couple are drawn into a spooky mystery when their young son starts acting strangely and claiming that an entity called Jack Grey has been "whistling" to him.

The more Juliette (Clark) and Richard (Smith) try to figure out what's happening with their son, the more they suspect it may be connected to an ancient tree on their property.

matt smith, starve acre

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The trailer plays up the confounding nature of the story, with Matt's character even admitting: "I don't really know what's happening anymore!"

Starve Acre is the second feature film from writer-director Daniel Kokotajlo, who earned a BAFTA Film Award nomination for his first film Apostasy.

The new horror movie premiered at the BFI London Film Festival last October, where it received raves in early critical reviews.

Debuting with 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, critics described Starve Acre as "unsettling" and "fantastically enigmatic".

The film features The Crown's Erin Richards, Andor's Robert Emms, and Slow Horses' Sean Gilder in supporting roles.

Matt has a busy year ahead, as he recently signed on for Pablo Trapero's English-language debut & Sons, alongside 1917's George Mackay, A Quiet Place's Noah Jupe, and Bill Nighy.

The actor also has the second season of House of the Dragon, where he is reprising his role as Daemon Targaryen.

morfydd clark, starve acre

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Up next for Morfydd is the second season of The Rings of Power, as well as filming an adaptation of Hamlet along with Riz Ahmed and Joe Alwyn.

Starve Acre will open in the UK and Ireland on September 6, 2024.

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