First trailer for Kieran Culkin's critically acclaimed new movie

a real pain official teaser trailer
First trailer for Kieran Culkin's new movieSearchlight

Succession star Kieran Culkin and The Social Network actor Jesse Eisenberg's new movie A Real Pain has received its first trailer.

The film stars the two as cousins who go on a tour of Europe to explore Jewish history after their grandmother's death, with a focus on how things have changed after World War II and the Holocaust.

Despite the serious topics the film touches on, there are comedic elements too, as showcased in the trailer through a jaunty piano score, and scenes of Culkin's character explaining how to dodge a train fare. It doesn't matter that the fare is cheap, it's "the principal of the thing", according to him.

kieran culkin and jesse eisenberg appear in a real pain
Courtesy of Sundance Institute

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We also get a few quick shots of them enjoying the fun and colour of Europe, and meeting other people along their journey.

The film, which also stars The White Lotus's Will Sharpe, Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey and House of the Dragon's Kurt Egyiawan, was recently given a UK release date of January 10, 2025. That's usually the time of year that awards contenders are released, so does that mean that Searchlight Pictures is hoping this one will be competing for Oscar glory?

The film is definitely off to a good start, as it premiered to a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which has slipped ever so slightly to a still-very-respectable 91%.

director jesse eisenberg on the set of a real pain
Searchlight Pictures

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Reviews have praised the performances of both actors, with Culkin in particular commended for taking something similar to Roman Roy but pushing it to new heights, while Eisenberg was also applauded for his direction, and how he balances the comedy and pathos.

A Real Pain will be released in UK cinemas on January 10, 2025.

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