First trailer for Halle Berry's new horror movie Never Let Go

halle berry as momma in never let go
First trailer for Halle Berry's new horror movie Liane Hentscher/Lionsgate

The first trailer for Halle Berry's new horror movie Never Let Go has been released.

The upcoming film, which is directed by Alexandre Aja, centres on a mother (Berry) and her twin sons (played by Anthony B. Jenkins and Percy Daggs IV), who believe their connection to one another and their home has for years guarded them from an evil spirit.

However, when one of the boys starts to question if this evil force even exists, the connection is broken, sparking a terrifying fight for survival.

halle berry as momma in never let go
Liane Hentscher/Lionsgate

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In the trailer, we learn that the family lives in a remote cabin in the woods, which they remain physically connected to at all times via long ropes.

"I noticed life’s been on hard on you boys since the world ended," Berry’s character tells her sons. "But the evil out there is clever. One touch without a rope is all it takes. Never let go."

Although she consistently reminds her sons to "never let go", one of the boys’ doubts and recklessness soon conjures up some demonic forces.

never let go, anthony b jenkins, halle berry, percy daggs iv
Liane Hentscher/Lionsgate - Lionsgate

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Speaking at Lionsgate’s presentation of the film last month, Berry said she took on the role because she’s a "bona fide adrenaline junkie," adding: "As a child, The Shining was one of my favourites. This gave me an opportunity to be a part of a world that I’ve never seen before" (via The Hollywood Reporter).

"These boys have never left the house that they were born in for 10 years. Right away, it was a creepy environment," she continued. "I was challenged to bring reality to what that would be like. What does mothering look like in a house in the woods with no one around?"

Elsewhere, Berry will next be seen in Netflix's upcoming action thriller The Union, which will see her and Mark Wahlberg play a former couple who find themselves involved in a high-stakes spy mission.

Never Let Go is scheduled to be released in cinemas on September 27, 2024.

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