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First SW shark net for Dunsborough

First SW shark net for Dunsborough

The South West’s first shark-proof fence will be installed at Old Dunsborough beach next week.

The enclosure, comprised of 7 metal piles drilled into the seabed supporting a 100 x 300 metre mesh barrier, will be built near the Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp.

The underwater barrier is designed to repel sharks from the enclosed swim area, rather than trapping them.

The enclosure will be trialled for 12 months, after which its success will be measured and a decision made regarding its ongoing use.

The $165,370 barrier trial was announced by Premier Colin Barnett in October.

The trial will be managed by the City of Busselton and funded by the State Government as part of its shark hazard mitigation strategy.

Along with the obvious prevention of sharks entering the enclosed area, other measures of success include the extent to which the enclosure holds up against climate and sea conditions as well as environmental and economic impacts.

The city of Busselton will also measure the extent to which the community embraces the concept of swimming at the beach within a fixed enclosure.

While the enclosure will be stiff enough to minimise the likelihood of smaller marine life becoming entangled in it, it will have enough flexibility to move with the tide and accommodate storm surges.

Installation will begin on Monday and will involve a barge and a drilling rig.

The following map indicates the location of the Dunsborough Beach Enclosure.