FIRST ON 7: Authorities apologise after second NSW baby mix up

Damien Smith

Health authorities have apologised after the second mix up this year of newborn babies at a NSW hospital.

Little Ellianne was taken from new mum Stef so she could have a rest at Gosford Hospital.

Stef and daughter Ellianne. Photo: 7 News
Stef and Ellianne. Photo: 7 News

But when the baby was brought back, the midwife delivered a shock.

She said: "The other mother had breastfed your daughter for two hours and got photos with her. Did everything, skin on skin, everything I wanted to do with her.”

Later a group of hospital officials came to Stef's room to apologise.

Stef told 7 News: “I was very overwhelmed. I'd just become a new mum. I didn't know what to say in that situation."

Stef says at least one Gosford Hospital staff member was distressed at the incident, but the young family should have been treated better.

Stef’s partner Francesco Messina said: "We didn't have any support. We only had, 'are you alright, are you alright?'

The local health executive confirmed the incident saying both families have received personal apologies.

Newborn babies have identification bracelets and these are normally cross-checked against the mother's name.

Matt Hanrahan, from the Central Coast Local Health District, said: “It is very concerning that a routine identification check was not performed on this occasion."

But it's the second such incident in recent months.

There was a similar mixup at Royal North Shore private hospital last week and that incident was also put down to 'human error'.

Stef is not convinced there wont be more errors like it.