First Minister says only his party can bring Scotland ‘better future’ in the EU

First Minister John Swinney has said that only the SNP offers Scotland the hope of a “better future” in the European Union.

Campaigning across the North East on Monday, the Mr Swinney will say that the election in Scotland is a contest of values – with only the SNP offering the hope of a better future for Scotland.

Ahead of the trail, Mr John Swinney said: “The result of the election in England is a foregone conclusion – Keir Starmer is going to be Prime Minister and he is going to carry on with the same broken politics and right-wing policies as the Tories.

“The only story left in this election is here in Scotland, where the result is on a knife-edge and where there is a real contest of ideas and values.

“Labour are offering no change and would claim a victory as an endorsement of further cuts to public spending, deepening the NHS privatisation agenda and of the disastrous Brexit that Scotland did not vote for.

“Keir Starmer simply represents more of the same broken Brexit Britain that does not reflect Scotland’s values.”

Mr Swinney said the SNP offers an end to austerity, a chance to rejoin the EU, and will get rid of child poverty.

He added: “The only way to deliver that and put an end to the failure of Brexit which has caused so much damage to Scotland is to vote SNP on Thursday.

“Only the SNP offers Scotland the hope of a better future back in the EU – but we have to vote for it.”

Scottish Labour deputy leader Jackie Baillie said the upcoming election is “about getting rid of this disastrous Tory government and delivering a Labour government that is on your side”.

She called Mr Swinney the “architect of austerity” while in his position as finance secretary.

She said: “John Swinney was the architect of austerity as finance secretary, downgraded the exam results of working class kids as education secretary, and is siding with oil and gas giants over struggling Scots as First Minister – he cannot lecture anyone on values.

“A Labour government will not just talk about our values – we will show you them, by boosting pay, tackling insecure work, cutting bills, renewing public services and restoring integrity in politics.

“Only one party can make sure 14 years of Tory chaos ends this week and that’s Scottish Labour.”