First look at Abbie Chatfield filming new reality show FBoy Island

EXCLUSIVE: The BINGE original series has begun filming.

Filming for Abbie Chatfield’s brand new reality show FBoy Island has officially kicked off at an idyllic location in Far North Queensland.

The 10-episode BINGE original series, which is hosted by the former Bachelor star and is set to premiere later this year, follows three Aussie women helping each other on their quest to find love.

Abbie Chatfield hosting FBOY Island.
Abbie Chatfield will host BINGE’s brand new reality show FBOY Island. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

The trio will move to a tropical paradise with 24 men where they have to try and uncover the self-proclaimed ‘nice guys’ who are genuinely looking for love and the self-proclaimed ‘FBoys’ who are only there to play the game and win the cash prize.

Photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle show Abbie hosting one of the first episodes of the series wearing a bright orange cut-out dress with her hair styled in a ponytail.


Other snaps show the three female contestants wearing bikinis and colourful two-piece outfits on what appears to be a group date at the beach.

The three couples played tug-of-war and Limbo, went swimming in the ocean, and drank cocktails while spending some one-on-one time.

The three lead female contestants on FBOY Island.
The show follows three Aussie women helping each other on their quest to find love. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

Meanwhile, photos from what appears to be a cocktail party with the male contestants tease that the reality show will be filled with plenty of drama.

At one point during the gathering, a tall bleach-blonde contestant can be seen arguing with another man. The situation almost came to blows before it was diffused by other contestants and one of the female stars.

A tall bleach blonde contestant arguing with another man while filming FBOY Island.
Snaps tease there will be plenty of drama amongst the cast. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

'It's camp'

Abbie spoke openly about FBoy Island on her podcast It’s A Lot this week and described it as “camp”.

“It’s a serious love story, but it’s also a comedy,” she said. “So there are actual people, actual drama… But I think it’s camp.

“It’s not like a joke, but it’s just camp. There are skits, it’s very very very light-hearted. What happens is the nice guys end up being what the audience wants to say to these FBoys and they kind of reign them in and say, ‘You’re a loser’.

“This is going to sound silly, but my plan is to hopefully make it educational in terms of why what ‘FBoys’ do is wrong because we try to reform the FBoys. Because they don’t leave the island, they stay.”

She added the contestants essentially choose their ‘edit’ when they apply for the show as either a ‘nice guy’ or an ‘FBoy’.

“The FBoys can change and be nice guys in the end and choose, and the girls obviously get a good edit,” she detailed. “So it’s like, everyone is choosing their edit.”

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