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First Lady Olena Zelenska warns: if Ukraine ‘tires’, Russian aggression will spread

Olena Zelenska spoke at the Halifax Security Forum
Olena Zelenska spoke at the Halifax Security Forum

If Ukraine fails to resist Russian aggression, the war will not stop but spread throughout the world, Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska told the Halifax Security Forum, according to a Presidential Office press release on Nov. 18.

"That's why the question, 'What do you think about the fact that people in the world are tired of reading news about the war in Ukraine?', which I hear too often in interviews with the international press, puts me in a stupor,” says Zelenska.

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“If a Ukrainian soldier, despite the fierce enemy attacks and the loss of his comrades, is not tired of liberating Ukrainian land, if Ukrainians, despite grief and tears, are not tired of protecting their children and their future, then how can people somewhere in a safe country get tired of scrolling through the news feed? And if Ukraine ‘tires,’ the war will not stop. It will just go on."

The First Lady compared the Russian attack to global pollution or an epidemic — if not stopped in time, it can also spread and engulf other countries.

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"Another question that I am often asked is, 'What else does Ukraine want from the world, other countries?' With all my deep gratitude to those who are helping us, I think it's time to change the focus of this question. Not 'what does Ukraine want?', but 'what does the world and every one of its inhabitants want?'. Does one want the aggressor to go unpunished and continue? Does one want such a new world order? Because the empire will not stop. It needs to be stopped. And it is Ukraine that is doing it now. So, what do we want? To make make it known," the First Lady concluded.

The Halifax Security Forum was founded in 2009 and is held in the city of Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada). The forum is known as the world's largest security conference for democratic countries, bringing together decision-makers including senior military officers, government officials, United States Senators, and global industry leaders, with leading journalists, strategists, and human rights defenders from around the world.

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