Fireworks spark blaze in Qld national park

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Two Queensland men have been charged with hurling fireworks from a moving car, sparking a fire that destroyed 14 square kilometres of bush in a national park.

A dozen fire fighting units were needed to contain the fire that tore through part of the Albinia National Park, south west of Rockhampton, on Monday,

The park is home to vulnerable species including koalas, the central greater glider, and the white-throated needletail, a large swift that can fly at speeds of up to 130 kilometres an hour.

Witnesses told police they saw the pair throwing fireworks into the bush just after 1am.

Officers located the men, aged 32 and 37, not long afterwards. They've since been charged with lighting an unauthorised fire and another offence relating to unauthorised and prohibited explosives.

Fire fighters will have to monitor the site in coming days to ensure there are no flare ups.

The men will face the Emerald Magistrates Court on October 26.

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