Firefighters rescue man stuck in tree

UPDATE: Firefighters say a tree lopper's safety equipment saved his life after the man became stuck in a large palm tree in Guildford this afternoon.

About 20 firefighters from Perth, Bassendean and Midland fire stations were called to rescue the man who was working on a tree in the backyard of a house on Ethel Street when he became trapped under branches just before 3pm.

It is understood that the man, believed to be aged in his early 20s, had been working under the palm's dead crown when he became stuck in the tree for about an hour.

He was halfway up the trunk when the dead crown fell on top of him and pinned him to the tree.

The man could not move because of the weight of the crown.

He was conscious during the rescue, which was thwarted by firefighters having restricted access to the backyard.

An ambulance transported the man to hospital with injuries including suspected broken ribs, and a sore neck and shoulder.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services district officer (Darling Ranges) Stuart Palmer said it was an unusual rescue for firefighters.

"It was tricky to be able to determine the best course of action," Mr Palmer said.

"We didn't want to come from on top and risk more downward pressure on the tree, so we had to come in at parallel to where the man was trapped.

"We're just happy that he is safe and appears well.

"It's not our day-to-day bushfire, so we're just happy it went well."

Police closed the road as part of the rescue, which included a Combined Ladder Platform device.

WorkSafe will investigate the incident.

Picture: Amelia Broun

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