Firefighters praised for rescue of trapped roo in bushfire

Firefighters have been praised for taking time to calm a kangaroo trapped in a fence as fires continue to ravage Victoria’s Gippsland region.

Blazes have been burning south of Rosedale since Friday and were fuelled on Monday by winds and pushed east towards the town of Wilbung. 

But it seems residents of Gippsland aren’t the only ones struggling in the conditions. 

Michael Cachia from the Cowwarr fire brigade shared pictures of crews helping out a kangaroo on Facebook after the marsupial became trapped in a fence.

Michael Cachia from the Cowwarr fire brigade calming a kangaroo trapped in a fence while battling deadly fires in Victoria’s Gippsland region. Source: Michael Cachia

One crew member is seen holding the roo while Mr Cachia provides a drink bottle. 

He later added the kangaroo bit him. 

“Lucky for gloves,” Mr Cachia wrote. 

Mr Cachia, said to be a volunteer firefighter, and the crew were praised for their work.

Blazes roadside as crews head to Longford in the Gippsland region on Friday night. Source: Maffra Fire Brigade

“Awesome Mick,” one man wrote. 

“What you and other CFA volunteers do is amazing. Stay safe and proud mate.” 

Others labelled the crew “awesome humans” and “incredible”.

“You are truly heroes,” one man wrote.

“You are truly heroes,” one man wrote.

A woman wrote the firefighters actions put her “faith back in mankind”.

“It is fabulous to see such compassion and kindness towards out furry friends,” she wrote.

In June last year, marathon runners at an event in Adelaide Hills were caught on camera giving a thirsty koala a drink. 

Mark Cameron-Smith and Michelle Hanlin told 7 News the marsupial came down to the track towards them looking to quench its thirst.

Water bombing efforts as fire danger de-escalates

Forest Fire Management deputy chief Darrin McKenzie told the ABC water bombing efforts on Monday night had been “really effective”.

“It’s been really appreciated by firefighters and it’s really making a great difference, particularly to our overnight containment efforts,” he told the ABC.

The bushfire is generating significant smoke, which the environment watchdog warns could affect people, particularly those already suffering respiratory problems, the very old and very young.

Saturday morning after fires ripped through the Gippsland region on Friday night. Source: Maffra Fire Brigade

The Environment Protection Authority will set up monitors in Sale and Longford to provide up-to-date information on how smoke is affecting air quality.

It expects the units will be in place shortly, with the information available via its website.

As of Tuesday morning, the fire was at an advice alert level.

However, the threat from the fire has de-escalated and increased several times since igniting on a day of extreme heat across Victoria.

Fire crews battle a fire on a farm southeast of Rosedale. Source: Traralgon West Fire Brigade/ Andrew Norman

On Monday afternoon, authorities had issued an emergency warning to residents in the small community.

The bushfire, about six kilometres south of Rosedale, has burnt more than 12,000 hectares including pine plantations and fences.

Arson experts visited the site on Saturday and are yet to determine if it was deliberately lit or caused by lightning strikes.

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