Firefighters' heartwarming act for 80-year-old man who fell while mowing lawn

A selfless fire crew has gone above and beyond their line of duty after responding to an elderly man who fell at his home while mowing the lawn.

The Madison Fire Department was called to a home in Madison, Wisconsin, US, after the 80-year-old man was unable to get to his feet after a tumble in the garden, US television station WISC TV reported.

Firefighters found the man lying next to a tree. He revealed he stumbled to the ground trying to maneouvre his lawnmower around a patch of rocks.

The firefighters took it upon themselves to finish the job the 80-year-old had started. Source: WISC TV

But not only did the crew help the man inside and wait with him while an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital as a precaution, they stayed behind and finished the job the man had begun before his fall.

Heartwarming images show the firefighters mowing the man’s lawn while he was at a nearby hospital.

The crew then packed up and returned the keys to the man in hospital. Source: WISC TV

The crew then returned the lawnmower to the man’s home before locking up the property and driving to the patient to return his keys.

The kind gesture comes after another elderly man was given a helping hand in Bendigo in July when he struggled to pay for his McDonald’s order.